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ENGL 781/881 Digital literacy, multi-modal learning, Web 2.0? For over ten years, I have been practicing teaching with technology. hrough this accelerated, pre-session course, I want to enable students to incorporate new, digital tools into their own teaching of writing and literature. Whether you are a digital native or immigrant, I invite you to join us as we collaboratively learn by designing Web pages, creating blogs, constructing a wiki, creating audio podcasts, and exploring other new and emerging Internet tools. As we learn to utilize these tools, we will become acquainted with relevant theory and methodology, develop instructional strategies and classroom applications, and think critically about it. While advanced students are welcome, no prior computing experience is required. I will provide all required access and will be able to offer an additional benefit to students of this class; for one year following completion of the course, students will receive my support, a personalized subdomain, and continued access to the tools we learn to use through the IUP Center for Digital Humanities and Culture. The idea is that we'll do everything possible to enable you to begin to apply what you learn in the classroom this fall. Meets doctoral research skills requirement. The 2010 Wiki was moved.